Friday, September 17, 2010

Dig a large hole...

Today I want to dig a hole and climb in...seems like the walls are closing in on us. You know, when we were kids, if we told lies or stories, tattletaled or treated someone unfairly, we knew that we were going to have to answer to a "higher power"...the switch. Yes, a tree switch.
We were also shown how hurtful our actions were toward the other person.

What are adults in Washington doing? They tattle on each other, call each other names, tell lies about one another and show total disrespect. How is this showing our children and grandchildren the values that they need to learn? RESPECT...when a mans handshake was as good as his money. You trusted that.

Distrust is rampant along with greed. You mix those two and you have 99% of the governing parties. What have we become?

I asked my husband where have we been all these years? We are at fault of going about our lives, caring for our families and working and totally allowed the powers that be do what they are doing and have done. It is partly my fault...for not paying attention. I was the perverbial head in the sand. I am ashamed that we allowed this to happen.

I guess when I was young, I was taught the value of respect, integrity and morals. So, I set back and allowed my politicians to do what I felt they were doing on my behalf. It is too bad that this country has reverted to such a turmoil that we don't trust one another.

We need to change that. Make sure our kids know the values. Make sure our grandkids know them too. To make sure we know what our kids are being taught.

Sex ed in kindergarten? Oh hell no. Clinton started it with his escapades in the Whitehouse and saying it "wasn't sex". Well, honey, you now have 12 year olds in the backs of buses doing the same thing and they are saying the same thing. Thanks, you ass.

What is this world coming to?