Saturday, July 31, 2010

God help Arizona

This week, a judge, put the hammer down on a couple of key points of the bill from Arizona, dealing with illegals entering the country through Arizona.

She has no idea what she has done. Arizona has every right to defend and secure the borders of their defend the citizens of both Arizona and the United States.

I would be surprised if a challenge was put out there for volunteers to link hand in hand to stop and defend the borders for Arizona, for Arizona, that there would not be enough.

I feel that what is happening is a slap in the face of our ancestors who came to this country, looking for a better life, wanting to try to live up to what being an American Citizen means as they did it the right way. Eager and full of anticipation! I have the copies of the court records giving my ancestors that right. No handouts, no food stamps, they did it by the sweat of hard work!

"Bush recession"????????????? What the hell is going on? Don't you think it is time that someone is accountable for what they have done? 18 months?

Give it a break, Biden, GROW UP!!!!! Look at it, dumbass...the senate and congress were held overwhelmingly by democrats.....your colleagues.....they caused this mess then and are in charge now!!! Time to make a complete turnover of all senate and congress...AND THE WHITE HOUSE. Repubs aren't necessarily any better. Time they all wake up as we are coming and we are going to kick some stupid ass to the curb!!!

God help us, our country, our citizens...our future.

My mother warned that this day may come...she has been right on every account...on everything she said would come. I miss and love her dearly.

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