Friday, July 9, 2010

Today...I am troubled..

Well, Obama did it. He managed to get into place, a believer in the health care rationing system.

Know what that means? It will mean that we, the baby boomers, will be denied care, left for dead should we become seriously ill.

Death panel? They passed the QALY life years provision in the stimulus bill so that is already in place.

What is becoming of this great country? Why are we allowing someone else to dictate when and how someone is cared for? Once we, the baby boomers are gone, (which is obviously what they want) there will only be the kids that don't even know what a constitution is...or what it stands for. Their rights will be taken away and they won't open their mouths to save themselves as they won't know any different.

We need to stick together...all of us if we are to keep this country as we remember it. Full of innovation, good people and those who care about the fellow citizens.
I worry about my grandchildren and my children. My heart is saddened at the future of our generations to come. By not teaching the lessons, life's general lessons...we have handicapped our children, our futures. How to lose in a ball game, how to take constructive criticism, how to play as a team, allowing parents to parent, punishment for doing wrong, learning the bible and what God has done for them. The future is bleak if we don't fight and fight hard.
I pray that God will help us in our give our children and grandchildren the awesome America that we once had.
God willing, I will be in DC in fight politicians who want to "change" what America means and what it stands for. I owe it to my father, a WWII vet, my mother who is no longer with us but taught me what freedom means, free speech and I can do anything I put my mind to. I miss and love her, I sometimes wish she was here to help me with my troubled guide me, to tell me it will get better. I know she would tell me to fight and fight hard. Never give up...never give up.

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